GREETINGS: In keeping with the Falcon Insurance Tradition for excellent service, this “Navigation Map” offers our clients and guests a speedy-use reference to our web-site. Please see the Table of Contents below for a content summary of the various buttons and pages:


Horizontal Buttons:  

·       HOME BUTTON: A brief list of products and services offered by Falcon Insurance  

·       CONTACT US: Phone numbers, email addresses and other means to communicate with Falcon Insurance Departments and its Brokers. 

·       NAVIGATION MAP: This page of information which you are currently viewing.  

Verticle Buttons: 

·       ABOUT US: A brief bio of our company’s health care history and a series of illustrations that explain what we can do for you and how our services enhance your profits.  

·       SERVICES: A summary of services offered by Falcon Insurance (such as claimsassistance for members or billing assistance for employers) and tips on how to expedite services.  

·       REQUEST A QUOTE: Contact information that directs you to one of our brokers for quote assistance 

·       INDIVIDUAL PLAN OPTIONS: Connecting links to individual health products offered by various insurance companies. These links actually allow an individual to make a web purchase of single option health insurance 

·       HEALTH CARE REFORM: Information provided by the National Association of Health Underwriters which offers impact and timelines relative to the requirements imposed on Employers by the new health care reform laws.  

·       HEALTH CARRIER NOTES: This link contains notes disseminated by health carriers for employer groups explaining changes in services and insurance business protocols.  

·       INSURANCE FORMS: For the convenience of our clients, this “Password Protected” link was established to provide easy access to change forms and other blank documents such as enrollment forms that are frequently needed by employers.  

·       CLIENT FOLDERS: This “Password Protected” link contains current plan summaries of each client’s health plan and ancillary products such as Dental, Vision, and Life coverage.